Self Portrait

Over the years I have either lived in, visited, or been deployed to more than a dozen different nations around the world. Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Kuwait, and Iraq are among them. The majority of my travels took place during adolescence. Those travels left lasting impressions that include an appreciation for various artistic styles, and a more broad understanding of world cultures.

Photography became an outlet for creativity, as well as a means for reflection on life, while I was deployed with the headquarters element of the 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom III (2005-2006) and Operation Iraqi Freedom V (2007-2008). My photographs provided a link between deployed soldiers and their loved ones, affording those at home an opportunity to see their loved ones from thousands of miles away. Feedback from those endeavors led me to pursue photography more seriously.

Photographs are single moments in time that have been captured forever, and each photograph is a pathway to those moments in your memories. While studios provide an excellent venue for making memories, I prefer to arrange shoots in more spontaneous environments, making the world my studio. My photography services are available primarily in the Houston area, though I often travel to San Antonio, San Marcos, Austin and Dallas. Requests for services outside those areas will be handled on a case by case basis, and are not discouraged in any way. Opportunities for travel are always welcome.

Currently, I prefer to shoot the majority of my work using film. This is especially true if a black and white image is desired, as I do own a full black and white darkroom in which I develop film and create real silver prints. Though my preference is film, I do still own a full compliment of digital equipment to suit the needs of my clients.